Elisabeth Camaur
Family Law Attorney

 Having The Right Attorney Makes The Difference

About Elisabeth Camaur:

Elisabeth Camaur founded Camaur Crampton Family Law as a resource to help clients through divorce and child custody turmoil with a focus on the future.

“Instead of regretfully looking back and affixing blame, I like to look forward. I like to turn divorce into an opportunity to change people’s lives for the better,” says family law attorney Elisabeth Camaur.

Having the right attorney makes the difference.

Camaur is a certified family law specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. That means she has the training and experience to understand all aspects of your divorce – both financial and emotional.

“People come to me in extreme pain, and I take that responsibility very seriously,” she says. “My job is to help them through the transition. I want to help them plan their future.”

Camaur started practicing law in 1993 and soon after began focusing on family law. “In the middle of the chaos and pain, there is an opportunity for a better life,” says Camaur. “I’m looking for solutions.”

Camaur encourages clients that it is usually best to work toward a settlement rather than go to trial. “People tell me they want their day in court,” Camaur says. “But, what that really means,” she says, “is giving your power to the person in the black robe — someone who doesn’t know anything about your unique circumstances and has limited time to hear evidence.”

Ideally, spouses should work out as many issues as they can before facing a judge, Camaur advises. That includes everything up to and including division of frequent flier miles. “The only people I can guarantee will win in court are the lawyers,” says Camaur, unequivocally.  “Both parties have more control over the outcome if they can settle.”

Sometimes litigation is necessary. When court is unavoidable, Camaur is a top notch litigator well known for her courtroom presence.  Camaur offers tenacious, aggressive and strong representation.  Outside of court, clients enjoy Camaur’s creative solutions and bedside manner, complete with an ever-present box of tissues and candy treats on her desk. “Once the tears dry at the initial consultation, we focus on the client’s future,” she notes. After that, the conversation centers on how clients can use divorce to plan the rest of their life.

Camaur always asks about a client’s dreams – then works on a settlement to help those dreams come true. For some, it might be going back to school. Others might want to start a business. Focusing the strategy of the divorce on their future, makes the pain easier to bear.

Camaur loves what she does. Her satisfaction is greatest when her clients are focused on what’s best for their children, and looking toward the future and their goals.

“I help people find a strategy for their future and dreams through the chaos and pain of their divorce.”

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